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Welcome to Sunndalsfjord Cottages and camping!

We welcome you to a holiday stay in Fredsvika in Molde as close to Sunndal municipality it is possible to come :) The farm is from the year 1259 and has been in the family ownership since 1608. Therefore you can experience a unique atmosphere of old houses from the fjord to the mountains.

Our hope is that you will have an unforgettable stay here in Fredsvika in Romsdal, from the old days of Nordmøre.

Welcome to take a look at our new website to get a little closer to us and Sunndalsfjord Cottages and camping, and our wonderful surroundings.

On this page we will inform you about what opportunities you have here in Fredsvik by the Sunndal-Tingvollfjord, right in the heart of Nordmøre and Romsdal of housing opportunities, activities here, and excursions around the area from fjord to mountain, from village to town.

We want our guests to experience exactly what they dream of, and we therefore look forward to providing personal information about everything our area has to offer but also inform about other areas in Norway.

We are lucky to be told stories and tips about exciting destinations throughout our country from our guests and it is always a pleasure to share it with others, especially the hidden treasures that only the locals know.

Perhaps they are the ones who will prove to be the most exciting, and can provide the greatest memories. Based in Fredsvika, you can experience a lot of exciting things on foot, by bike, car or bus. The bus stops in the yard. Some hiking destinations you can only experience on foot, some in combination with driving. Some you can not experience with a motorhome, therefore we recommend renting a cabin and bring a car to be able to experience the most hidden treasures, summer and winter. Read more under the Activities tab.

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