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Fredsvika is located right in the heart of all famous and not famous attractions. In a radius of 1.5 hours drive you will find most. We are happy to help you find these in addition to the hidden ones :)

- Trollstigen / Trollveggen / Romsdalseggen in Rauma in addition to Rødven Stave Church.

- Atlanterhavsveien, Averøya with Kvernes stave church and Kristiansund with the open sea.

-Eikesdalsvatnet with steep mountains on the sides, at the end the majestic Mardalsfossen at 655m, otherwise the world's 4 highest waterfalls and then take the trip over the mountain on Aursjøvegen to Sunndal. On this stretch you will be able to experience the most beautiful nature, beautiful farmyard, church, waterfalls, giant cauldron, Grasdalen, Aurstupet and visit active ranching and taste butter and cheese in Torbudalen. To be honest, this trip is suitable for those who do not have a fear of heights;) but a trip you will never forget.

-Innerdalen in Sunndal, Norway's most beautiful valley with ranching with a café, you can even bring a pram here. If you are sporty, you should consider Innerdalstårnet.

-Åmotan, Dovre Sunndal National Park, Grøvudalen with ranching and Hafsåsen are indescribable.

If you are not able to walk, you park and look at the waterfall from the top. Anyone who takes the trip to Jenstad and walks down and over the bridges to feel the water under the waterfall will probably never forget this experience either. Vangshaugen at the end of the road which is the place one must go to eat good food in a stately atmosphere from the 19th century, and enjoy nature.

Still remember Romsdal / Nordmøre is much more than Trollstigen and Atlanterhavsveien, the hidden treasures are waiting in line for you,

We can mention;

Trips for those with prams and wheelchairs;

- Brandstad farms in Øksendal,

-Bersås towards Kleppen

Trips for those who want to take a 3 hour hike, in addition to a car:

- Blånebu on Meisalfjellet,

- Gapahuk on Kleppen on Eidsvågfjellet

-Gapahuken in Ranvika.

Talset, many forest roads to 2 different seats


-The fetal gate

- Jordalsgrend and Varghaugen,

- Varghola in Eresfjord.

-Via Ferrata in Eresfjord. .

-Mørkvatnet on Rød.

- Raudsandvatnet, _

. Osvatnet summer and winter. Here you can rent canoes and kayaks.

We know about the mushroom areas, also where you will find blueberries and cranberries

There are many more, as we are happy to tell you, where you will find ☺ in the most magical part of Norway

Mountain hikes all year round

Throughout the year, our nature invites you to experiences, be it by the fjord or in the mountains. On foot, by bike, on skis, in a wheelchair with a pram, yes here the choices are many.

We always have maps to give our guests with an overview of where they can find the best choices for themselves.

We are so different but here in the area you will find something for everyone.

If you want to participate in guided tours, we can recommend you www.romsdal-adventure, com in Rauma. Tommy and Renate Villa Vengetind run here all year round. for those who want extra challenges and good food.

In Norway we say there is no bad weather just bad clothes. Still, take a look at the mountain weather rules


We recommend bringing woolen clothes, rainwear and good footwear. Thermos, backpack, map, compass, etc you can rent from us.

Fishing fjord, river and mountain water

In the areas around us, you can test your fishing luck in many ways.

Fjord fishing with your own boat or rent a boat from us or from acquaintances who rent a boat in the Langfjord.

Even if you do not need a fishing certificate in Norway, you must comply with different rules. This especially applies to humane treatment of the fish, killing and minimum sizes.


We can suggest many good fishing spots from land.

There are several salmon rivers in the area around us;

-Driva i Sunndal,

Very good with a lot of private power to rent

-Øksendal and Usma.

Very good with a lot of private power to rent

-Eresfjord and Eira, Lots rented but opportunities

-Fosterlågen Molde / Nesset. Very good with a lot of private power to rent

-Visa Vistdal Nesset

Good with a lot of private power to rent

There are several fishing lakes in the mountains, but then different rules apply and you have to buy a fish insurance fee; http://fiskeravgift.miljodirektoratet.no/ 

Winter skiing, sun, snow in Romsdal- Nordmøre. Trolltind and Kirketaket m.flere

Want to live well and climb world-class peaks?

Here you will find mountains for the professionals and for beginners who want to learn Climb mountain peaks, come down to a good warm cabin with a hot tub and maybe northern lights.

The cabins have heating grilles and shoe blowers so your equipment is ready for use the next day.

Preheated hot tub, good food and drinks you can order ready for arrival or you can prepare everything in the cottage yourself.

The cabins are well equipped with most things you need and maybe more.


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